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I hereby authorize Prominent Property Management, Inc. to contact credit services, personal and credit references given herein, plus my employers or past Landlord(s) to verify the information I have provided.
In addition I authorize Prominent Property Management, Inc. to report to credit services organization any information revelant to my unsatisfied obligations to Landlord.
I understand that as a matter of practice Prominent Property Management, Inc. my have access to applicant's credit information as necessary throughout the term of the lease and authorize the same.
I acknowledge this application as the property of Prominent Property Management, Inc. I affirm that the information I have provided in this application is correct.
Applicant acknowledges application and all information herein is valid for 30 days. If after 30 days aplicant has not reached decision or would like to re-apply, application above is null and void and new application must be submitted.
Applicant acknowledges Application Fee is completely nonrefundable whether or not application has been processed. If applicant gives up Application Fee and subsequently requests applicaton not be processed, Prominent Property Management, Inc. is not responsible for the refunding of any monies given toward processing of application. Applicant also acknoledges the event applicant is denied for unit for which s/he applied; application fee will not be returned. I hereby permit Prominent Property Management, INC. or any of its agents to process payment of application fee with provide credit card information.

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Prominent Property Management, Inc. abides by the Fair Housing Act.

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