Services (Standard)

Our Management/Administrative Services are designed to successfully manage your community

Financial Management

  • Open and maintain bank accounts as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Reconciliation of operating/reserve accounts per IDFPR & IL State Law for shared communities.
  • Dues statements/booklets prepared and mailed
  • Association dues collection & processing; maintain account ledger and history for all homeowners
  • Payment of all bills

Reports Management

  • Monthly Income & Expense Statement
  • Charges paid report
  • Delinquent assessment report
  • Copy of bank statement

Building/Operations Management

  • Property walk, standard once per month
  • Offsite coordination and scheduling of project vendors/contractors.
  • Receive and process work orders by homeowners per guidelines set out by the Board of Directors
  • Vendor contract holding & filing
  • Serve as Registered Agent for Association, receiving all legal notices on behalf of Association as needed

Community Liaison

  • Attending up to 4 meetings per year
  • Upon request, provide individual homeowners with the status of their account and coordinate the solution for any discrepancies.
  • Respond to owners & Board external inquiries during normal business hours via telephone, email, mail in a timely manner.
  • Working together to achieve both individual and common goals for community
  • Promote community spirit through a kind, considerate & educational approach

Homeowner Transition Management

  • Provide a 22.1 disclosure letter
  • Provide a paid assessment letter
  • Current account ledger
  • Board information packet (Including: Decs/ByLaws, Rules & Regs, Board meeting schedule)
  • Management information packet (Including: Contact information for PPMI-name, phone number, address)
  • Homeowner information sheet, Proof of Insurance, Information for parking tags/stickers)